LastSwab: the eco-revolution in your bathroom

1,500,000,000 cotton swabs are produced - every single day. The number of plastic bags is even higher while as many as a 1,000,000 sea creatures are killed every year in the oceans by plastic products.  These staggering and rather depressing numbers are the fuel behind Crew a la Mode’s stance and targets on sustainability and are what left Danish product designers Nicolas Aagaard, Isabel Aagaard and Kåre Frandsen with a desire to make a real difference by transforming traditional single-use products into reusables that will last for years.

The first of what the founders believe to be one of many such game changing products is the reusable cotton swab, LastSwab, a product made from medical silicone and nylon, which was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and has become an overwhelming success.

LastSwab is a durable product made with genuine sustainable materials; it’s a slick, Scandinavian-designed upgrade on an obsolete product revamped for the eco-conscious era.

“Imagine walking down the beach,” says Nicolas Aagaard. “A plastic cotton swab is half-buried in the sand. You take four steps, and there’s another. And another. And this is repeated across beaches across the planet. It’s nearly impossible to calculate how many of these tiny household staples are polluting, spoiling and killing our oceans and beaches, but we know 1.5bn cotton swabs are produced every day. This is why we designed LastSwab.”

Replacing traditional cotton swabs with LastSwab takes minimal effort: buy it once and cross polluting cotton swabs off your shopping list forever. LastSwab comes in two versions: one with padded tips for cleaning delicate areas, and one with soft pointed tips for make-up touch-ups. Its stylish case, available in several colours, ensures LastSwab’s hygiene, whether you toss it in your 

suitcase, pop it into your handbag or rest it on your bathroom shelf.  Just run it under the tap with a little soap, and you’ll have yourself a brand-new LastSwab, whilst there’ll be one less cotton bud floating in the ocean or rotting at the bottom of a landfill.

The team here at Crew à la Mode are so inspired by this revolutionary team of designers and look forward to seeing the launch of this innovative and exciting new product.

David & George