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Our sister company, CALM Collected, is where our in-house designed Ready-to-Wear clothing collection can be browsed. This colour matched and considered range is premium and offers an immediate crew uniform solution, as stock can be sent out quickly. Top-ups can also be easily purchased at any point, plus the range has been designed to be coordinated and interchanged over time.   In addition, adaptations can be made to our existing Ready-to-Wear collection, such as customisation or tailoring. .

Our cohesive and coordinated uniform concepts always consider the comfort of the crew. We use the most innovative and technologically-advanced fabrics that comprise properties such as; breathability, quick-drying, crease-free, UV protection, moisture wicking, water repellent and dirt resistant.

The Calm Collected website does not take orders for yacht clients. Please contact us at with your enquiries.