Our Stance on Sustainability


The team at Crew à la Mode are committed to reducing our environmental impact by making positive changes that will help protect and preserve. We understand that being a sustainable brand comes down to the vision and actions of the organisation and, as such, have an official in-house environmental team, who are busy constantly researching new ideas in sustainability and communicating and actioning them throughout our business.


We are committed to reducing the use of single-use packaging and have introduced reusable zip-lock bags, plus 100% of our packaging is now made of FSC-certified and/or recycled cardboard.

All clients are offered our team’s expert advice on volumes and correct quantities to minimise excess, as well as frequent shipping. We always ensure our products are made from the highest quality fabrics available and we are in the process of producing a wash care directory that enables our products to have even further longevity. By doing this, landfill is ultimately reduced.

We always ensure we offer eco product options when discussing new projects and collaborations with our clients.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it
— Robert Swan



We have introduced organic cotton to our collections. Organic cotton farming is less harmful on the environment, as synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are not used, so it’s safer for the farmers and enhances biodiversity.  

Our Performance Twill fabric uses 1/10th of the water normally used in production, powered by the factory using city waste, a heat capture, a reuse system and recycled PES, plus the DWR finish on the fabric is fluorocarbon free and does not contain any harmful substances (such as formaldehyde and cadmium). Furthermore, an increasing number of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® and bluesign® certified, confirming that the textile products are free from harmful substances. 

All our raw materials are traceable and verified to ensure they meet the high standards required, plus our products are tested from the point where production starts.  Our factories also control all outputs to the end point (air, water, waste), and both dyes and chemicals are replaced with the best available for the environment.

We take care to maintain high ethical standards.  We’ll never cut corners and costs by using inappropriate manufacturers.  All our suppliers and Main Fabric Mills are trusted, checked and visited, so we know they’re meeting appropriate levels of working conditions for all their employees.