PHUNG Purchasing CALM by CREW

Phung Purchasing CALM by CREW

PHUNG Purchasing CALM by CREW

Hong Kong born but London dwelling, Phung has always worked in the fashion industry, having studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

As a busy mum of two and with a strong dislike for clutter, Phung is methodical by nature, and brings vital organisation skills to her fast-paced role.

With an eye for detail, she understands the high levels of quality that we strive for, working systematically with our stock to ensure everything is meticulously checked and accounted for. She’s also a key part of the creative in-house photo-shoots, prepping the outfits ready for the models.

At weekends, Phung indulges her creative streak with her children, baking and making crafts with them, just nothing too messy!