Our close relationship with the ocean means that sustainable choices are a priority and not an afterthought.

As a sustainable brand, we are committed to positive change,
protecting and preserving the waters that give us passage. For us,
sustainability is standard.


The mindful choice starts here with fabrics that are fit for the body yet fit for the ocean.

OEKO-TEX or bluesign certified, our uniforms are supplied in fabrics that are ethically produced and chemical free, but perform to the highest standards, maintaining our circular initiative.

As we look to the future to see how we can do better, we continue to work consciously on fabric innovation, from the start of the design process, right down to the recycled zip detailing, we make a choice that is considered. Using materials such as recycled yarn, biodegradable fibres, organically produced cotton and carbon fibres, we select the very best, most responsible fabric for the project in whatever form that might be.

All of our raw materials are traceable and verified to ensure they meet the highest standards required and our products are tested from the point where production starts.



We make products to cross oceans, so extending the life-cycle of each garment is of huge importance to us.

Expert craftsmanship and conscious material choices mean CALM by CREW uniforms provide a choice made to last. Our collections continue to offer minimalist design to ensure style longevity and each garment is produced to the highest quality, providing extended wear of the uniform without the need to replace as frequently.

We always keep waste to an absolute minimum, working with clients to only send the correct required uniform, so we don’t over order and avoid shipping single items. This combined with our thoughtful route to design and production, means landfill is ultimately reduced.


We proudly manufacture the majority of our products in small, sustainable quantities in Europe using European materials.

Working this way reduces our waste and carbon footprint, providing us with greater control over our supply chain.

Responsible energy is a rite of passage, we’ll never cut corners, all our suppliers and main fabric mills are trusted, checked and visited.

Our factories control all outputs to the end point (air, water, waste) and our packaging comprises 60-90% recycled cardboard and plastic.



We supply and source eco-conscious brands across apparel, swimwear, interiors, toiletries and cleaning products.

We collaborate with like-minded brands such as Allbirds, Stormtech, AsColour and Ocean Bottle. For guest items we offer refillable options, long-lasting promotional items and use recycled papers, FSC-certified and recycled content paper for stationery items.

We also supply reef friendly eco-compatible sun cream Aethic, use natural bathroom products (Ren, Grown Alchemist, Malin & Goetz) and source bamboo toothbrushes, reusable stainless-steel razors, sustainable shaving kits, soaps and organic cotton buds with paper stems.

CREW Renew

CREW Renew is our new circular initiative in collaboration with our clients and crew, to reduce garment waste within the Superyacht industry.

We invite yacht management, agencies and crew to return any unwanted or retired uniform stock to us inclusive of other brands, that otherwise would be considered waste and likely to end up in landfill, to enable us to renew the garments. Our circular initiative gives new life into garments by recycling, repurposing, reselling and rewearing.


Surplus fabric from our stock will be repurposed to create new, exclusively designed accessories which will be available for guest items as part of our collection.


We will recycle materials of unwearable garments into new articles to avoid fabrics going into landfill.


We partner with a number of charities to ensure any un-customised clothes with life left in them are donated to be reworn.

To register your interest in CREW Renew, please contact us